TiedCOMM Guiding Values

Respect for the person

It is the fact of accepting and understanding that each human being has physical, psychological, cultural and intellectual characteristics that make them unique and individual, to achieve a harmonious coexistence with this.


It is the ability to perform an activity optimizing the use of human resources, materials and time. And combined with effectiveness, results in successful work and satisfied clients.


It is the ability to make the necessary changes to adjust to new conditions.


It is the ability to generate new ideas that allow each challenge to be faced.


It is the responsible decision to perform an activity spontaneously and quickly to cover a need or take advantage of an opportunity.


It is the constant effort directed to reach a goal, and that remains constant despite the adversities.


It is the action of working in solidarity, making the maximum effort in favor of a common goal.


It is the ability to visualize the world from the perspective of another person, with the intention of understanding its needs, feelings and ideas.


It is the ability to transmit a sense of security and tranquility, based on the demonstration of knowledge and experience in a especific topic.