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TiedCOMM is a software for management of standardized audit evidence that will give auditors much more control and traceability about their work.

What requirements do we solve?

TiedCOMM supports the work of the auditors by allowing standardization of the audit process, and offering multiple functionalities to record with total traceability each recommendation, non-conformance, misstatement, anomaly, action plan or result.

On the other hand, if the audited organization has TiedCOMM , the internal processes to be audited will be standardized, which will provide accurate elements for evaluating compliance with the rules and regulations.

How do we do it?

Through a simple methodology based on the use of internal controls, TiedCOMM standardizes all types of business processes, including audits.

TiedCOMM includes a feature called Total Traceability that allows the real-time recording of each action performed by the auditors.

Another special functionality of TiedCOMM is the Distributed Quality , which allows each auditor to report in a simple and effective way any error, suggestion, non-conformance or incident, for its immediate attention.


  • Audit process control of standards, regulations and procedures.
  • Knowledge of who has consulted each document.
  • Real-time reports of recommendations, non-conformances, anomalies, action plans or results.
  • Detection of those responsible for successes and errors in the daily operation.

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