Corporate compliance   |   Work performance measurement   |   Proof-based decision making

What requirements do we solve?

The management of the administrative operation in large corporations requires to be agile and simple, but reliable enough to make accurate decisions.

TiedCOMM gives an additional level of confidence to the data managed by corporate transactional systems such as ERPs and CRMs, by incorporating real-time work performance measurement based on proofs.

How do we do it?

TiedCOMM is a software that incorporates 4 functional modules:

  1. Easy Document Capture,
  2. Content Management System,
  3. Business Controls Management y
  4. Phased Workflow Management

The correct combination of modules allow to manage any type of business requirement in a very simple, fast and effective way.


  • Ultra-fast implementation that allows incorporating concepts such as real-time performance measurement, proof-based decision making and In-house digital transformation to create a collaborative, distributed, measurable and traceable work environment.
  • Independence of the operational areas for the definition and implementation of their own internal controls and business processes.
  • Reduction or elimination of the use of paper in internal processes.
  • Reduction or elimination of fines for non-compliance with regulations or audits.
  • Creation of a compliance list for each business need that requires management.
  • Monitoring of compliance dates, authorizations, verifications and more.

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