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TiedCOMM is a technological solution that allows the digital and efficient management of multiple services offered by educational institutions.
Properly manage the expiration of documents, payments, certifications, permits and more.
Measure in real time the performance of professors and administrators through a management of standardized proofs.
Implement quality standards such as ISO and monitor their full compliance.

What requirements do we solve?

The school registration process generate the entry of high value documents that need to be stored and classified to be part of multiple internal controls. TiedCOMM speeds up the registration process avoiding the manual capture of data through its scanning and intelligent indexing. The management of digital records of students, professors and staff is covered, being able to ensure that each document is kept correct and current, due to a series of notifications sent automatically by TiedCOMM. Initiatives of ISO-9000 and process improvement is a natural issue that also manages TiedCOMM.

How do we do it?

TiedCOMM Technology is based on a simple concept: a control. By definition, a control is a series of requirements to be complied, so that for each business need, a compliance list is defined to correctly perform a procedure or administrative process.

TiedCOMM has functionalities to easily define business rules such as validity of documents, authorizations management, data validation and workflows that allow a collaborative scheme between departments.


Our solution helps schools and universities to transit on their path to School Digital Transformation, with the main objective of improving the use of institutional resources by managing school and administrative processes more simply and efficiently, allowing this, a considerable reduction in the use of papers, as well as the time invested in the development of daily activities.

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