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What requirements do we solve?

Governments in general suffer from excessive paper handling, due to different procedures where paper copies are needed in multiples department for the same procedure.

TiedCOMM allows you to manage processes digitally, eliminating the need to use paper, and allowing digital tracking of the different procedures offered by the institution.

In addition to improving the experience of citizens when interacting with Government, it also allows improving internal administrative processes and giving them a standardized and efficient approach.


How do we do it?

Based on the internal regulations of each Institution, TiedCOMM allows creating administrative controls and personalized workflows for each requirement in a simple and agile way. Our methodology allows you to systematize, manage, consult and keep your digital files in an appropriate way, speeding up your administrative processes with the advantage of being able to follow up on your activities in real time.


TiedCOMM allows Government Institutions to incorporate concepts such as unique repository of citizen documents, management of government efficiency, digital administration of transparency requests and implementation of digital procedures for citizens.

The above with the fundamental objective of making more efficient the use of government resources.

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