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TiedCOMM allows to solve issues such as management and updating of the employee file, management of the selection and recruitment process, but mainly makes a valuable contribution, by introducing the topic of Real-time Performance measurement, giving another perspective on the Performance evaluation

What requirements do we solve?

The management of personnel files as well as the selection and recruitment process currently require a digital transformation that makes them simpler and more efficient. Quickly find information, have reports of how many people were interviewed, how many were accepted, what positions were filled, are the day to day of the operation in the Human Resources departments.
Keeping a complete HR file with up-to-date information will help to respond accurately to different situations.
Likewise, one of the great dilemmas in organizations is how to measure in real-time employee performance.

How do we do it?

Through an innovative methodology and technology that allows to create in a very simple, fast and proof-based way all kinds of internal controls and personalized workflows.
TiedCOMM incorporates an important functionality that allows organizations to measure the performance of their collaborators in real time: total traceability.


  • Candidate base generation
  • Classification by qualities and abilities
  • Standardization of the recruitment and selection process
  • File of the employee with validation of dates in contracts, certifications and more.
  • Real-time performance measurement.
  • Detection of responsible for successes and errors in the daily operation.

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