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What requirements do we solve?

Insurance companies are subject to multiple regulations, which obliges them to keep their clients documents standardized and complete. Additionally, keeping a good control of the evidence of an accident is essential to offer customers the fast and quality service they demand. Digital transformation trends promote the reduction of papers to now work in a digital, controlled and audited way.

How do we do it?

TiedCOMM has different functional modules that will allow you to:

  • Capture digitally the necessary documents and evidences of an accident.
  • Safeguard documentation in a content management system that offers different levels of access.
  • Define the internal controls necessary to monitor the level of compliance with its quality policies, and
  • Implement the necessary workflows to manage processes that involve the participation of different areas.


Consolidate value relationships with your insured by having a system that allows you to manage start dates and limit of requisition of documents, expiration of the policy, claims processing, claims applications, etc. keeping them informed in a timely manner.

Reduce the time and money spent on administrative activities thanks to the ease of access to client information from a PC, laptop or tablet through a secure web connection that allows adjusters to enter data from the incident site and make real-time consultations.

TiedCOMM will help you avoid fines for breach of any applicable regulation.

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