Corporate Compliance Management

Internal controls are the means by which current organizations regulate and standardize their administrative operation to give proper compliance to internal policies, regulations, audits, procedures, accreditations, and more..

TiedCOMM Business Controls Management (BCM) is a corporate compliance solution that allows you to quickly and easily manage internal controls that serve as a framework for a correct administrative operation.

What requirements do we solve?

TiedCOMM BCM solves the problem in organizations of manually managing internal controls through unreliable means, such as the use of paper forms, emails, spreadsheets, WhatsApp and phone calls.

Through the above means, it will be very difficult to define those responsible for correct decisions and errors, due to the fact that there is no traceability of actions, nor a standardization of the daily operation with registration and monitoring in real time.

How do we do it?

TiedCOMM BCM allows to define in a very simple way a compliance list aligned to each business need that you want to standardize and monitor.

Each element of the compliance list has its own history, where each movement is recorded, being able to know the day, time, person and computer equipment from where any action or modification was made, knowing with certainty the previous value and the new value registered in real time.

Additionally, the internal controls managed by TiedCOMM BCM allow a collaborative and distributed work scheme.


  • Real-time job performance measurement
  • Transparency in the execution of business activities, which gives clear and reliable knowledge of who performed each action
  • Clear and auditable quality policies
  • Ultra fast implementation: from 1 to 10 days
  • Collaborative and distributed workspace
  • Compliance with regulations and standards
  • Knowledge of the level of compliance with an administrative control, as well as specific requirements that are still to be filled.

Design workflows to coordinate multiple areas of your organization and add notifications by email.

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